Diagnosis to Rehabilitation: Stages of Bone Fractures Treatment

Depending on the severity of a fracture, doctors might need to perform various procedures to aid the healing processes of bones. Bones heal themselves in different phases, and doctors, too, have a list of stages they go through when helping a patient recover from fractured bones. 

When a doctor tends to fractured bones, the first thing he does is to diagnose. There are several things that may affect the treatment process, including the age of the patient, the location of the fractured bone, and the extent of the open wounds. 

The treatment for a fractured rib is different to a broken arm, as ribs have the potential of harming internal organs, while arms have the potential of harming muscles. Bones, much like any other body part, can get complicated by infections so it’s important that germs and viruses from open wounds must be treated immediately. 

The second stage is to secure the bones, and keep them from moving in order to accelerate the process. This is done through casts, braces, or slings. The third stage is to ensure that the bones are aligned by using ropes and pulleys. 

In severe cases, doctors would have to operate on the fracture to remove foreign objects, add more immobilization security like rods, screws, or pins, and even replace some parts with artificial ones, if needed. 

The final stage is rehabilitation, where the muscles, after a long time of inactivity, are slowly exercised before going back to normal activities.


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