Common Childhood Orthopedic Conditions

As your child is growing, you may sometimes notice that the growth of your child isn’t quite normal. Some kids have flatfeet or bowlegs in the first few years of their life. However, some of these conditions are able to correct themselves without the need for treatment.


Most babies are born with flatfeet and only develop the arches while they grow. However, some kids may have arches that don’t develop fully. At first, parents may notice that their child has “weak ankles” that may appear to turn inward because of how the feet are planted. Doctors consider flatfeet to be normal; it is not an impairment of any kind, thus, treatment is only needed when it becomes painful.

Toe Walking

This is common to toddlers while they are learning to walk, particularly in their second year. This will go away by the time the child turns 2 but can sometimes last longer. This shouldn’t be a concern, but children who only walk on their toes and continue to do this even after the age of 2 should be brought to a doctor.


Bowleggedness is common in infants and corrects itself while the child is growing. It is the excessive outward bending of the legs, which is an inheritable trait. However, if the child still has bowlegs beyond the age of 2 or it only occurs in one leg, it can be a sign of bigger problems like rickets.




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