Denver Orthopedic Surgeons Treat Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

Some sports players are more prone to injuries than others. However, while many think that extreme sports players are more vulnerable to injury, it’s actually the athletes of common sports who are more susceptible. One such sport is lacrosse, which is growing in popularity in many cities, including Denver. Writer Scott Hensley, reporting for, says as this sport becomes commonplace, so do the injuries associated with it.
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Sports Medicine in Denver: Dislocated Shoulder Diagnosis and Treatment

Athletes, including baseball players, are prone to physical injuries because of their strenuous sporting activities. Quite a few players from the Major League Baseball team Colorado Rockies, for example, sustained injuries that will most likely sideline them for the rest of this season, according to an article in CBS Denver.
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Denver Sports Medicine: Five Good Reasons to Run in Denver this Summer

Summer’s finally here, and if you’re an ardent runner, Denver offers various opportunities to soak in the lovely summer sights while on the move. Over the next couple of months, a slew of running events will be held all over the city, each with its own challenges and fun elements. Danyelle Overbo, writing for Today’s Fan, names five of the best. Continue reading