Denver Sports Medicine: Five Good Reasons to Run in Denver this Summer

Summer’s finally here, and if you’re an ardent runner, Denver offers various opportunities to soak in the lovely summer sights while on the move. Over the next couple of months, a slew of running events will be held all over the city, each with its own challenges and fun elements. Danyelle Overbo, writing for Today’s Fan, names five of the best.

“The Bubble Run, July 12

If you’ve ever taken a bubble bath then you understand the joy of playing with bubbles. Live the childhood dream of getting covered in tons of them by joining like-minded locals at The Bubble Run.

The Firefly Run, July 19

In this illuminated night race, everything is sparkling with LED lights and participants are encouraged to dress in creative costumes.

The Color Run, Aug. 2

The Color Run is an exciting 5K race where runners in white T-shirts are doused with colored powder after each kilometer.

The Zombie Run, Aug. 2

This 5K is not only an obstacle course filled with “unexpected events” and plenty of gore, but participants get to feel what it would be like to attempt surviving in a zombie-infested world.

MuckFest, Sept. 13

The MuckFest MS Denver 5K Mud and Fun Run is dirty fun at its finest.”

In running, as in any other pursuit, knowledge is key to keeping safe. The more you know about training, nutrition, and health, the more benefits you’ll get out of your serious or fun 5K race. So how do you stay healthy and injury-free during your running sessions this summer? Here are a few useful tips, courtesy of Denver sports medicine experts:

the best 5k races in denver

Stretch before you run

Stretching is essential for risk reduction during running. Start with a brisk 5-minute jog to warm up, then stretch the muscles in various parts of your body. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds.

Wear the right shoes

Make sure to wear shoes that are in good condition and which fit your feet properly. Worn-out shoes will not give your body the right amount of support, and ill-fitting shoes won’t give you enough toe room. Both of these have the potential to cause you various injuries.

In case of injury

If you get hurt, the first thing to do is to stop the activity. For mild sprains and other minor injuries, the RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) will often suffice. However, if the pain level becomes severe, it may be time to see a doctor. Visit a Denver orthopedics center, such as Steadman Hawkins Clinic-Denver, right away to have your injury examined.

(Source: The Best 5K Races in Denver to Try This Summer, Today’s Fan, Jun. 6, 2014)


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