Sports Medicine in Denver: Dislocated Shoulder Diagnosis and Treatment

Athletes, including baseball players, are prone to physical injuries because of their strenuous sporting activities. Quite a few players from the Major League Baseball team Colorado Rockies, for example, sustained injuries that will most likely sideline them for the rest of this season, according to an article in CBS Denver.

Rockies Player

“So many Rockies players have gotten hurt in various ways it’s hard to count, but some of the injuries have been more unusual than others.

Here are the Top 5 freak injuries to Colorado Rockies players this season:

1. Michael Cuddyer – The two-time All-Star and Rockies utility player fractured his left shoulder on June 5. There have only been two injuries like that in 30 years in Major League Baseball, according to the Rockies training staff. Cuddyer usually plays first base or outfield, but the injury happened on a rare night when he was playing third base.”

Shoulder injuries not only affect the mobility of athletes, but they can also be especially painful. So, when players sustain a shoulder injury, it’s pertinent that they see a doctor in sports medicine in Denver right away. Sports medicine specialists are medical professionals who focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of sports-related injuries like a dislocated shoulder.

The shoulder joint is said to be the most mobile joint in the body, making it highly susceptible to dislocation. Both repetitive motions such as throwing a baseball, or aggressive moves like tackling a football, can put extreme strain on this joint. When this happens, the joint can pop out of place, which could lead to terrible pain at even the slightest movement.

Athletes who experience shoulder dislocation are recommended to visit a Denver orthopedics center at once. An orthopedic specialist will then examine the nature of the dislocation, whether anterior or posterior, and ask the injured athletes for their medical history. Doctors will also likely request that an X-ray or MRI be performed.

The initial treatment for a dislocated shoulder focuses on reducing the dislocation. To do this, orthopedic doctors may perform closed reduction method, referred to as a scapular manipulation. With this, they attempt to rotate the athletes’ shoulder blade and dislodge the humeral head (the top of the upper arm bone) to allow for natural relocation. Afterward, players are advised to wear a sling for a period of between two and eight weeks.

A serious injury, such as a dislocated shoulder, is likely to put the career of athletes on hold. Fortunately, the sideline doesn’t have to be lengthy for as long as the injured athletes seek the help of experienced sports doctors, like the ones from Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver, for proper diagnosis and treatment.

(Source: Top 5 Freak Injuries To Rockies Players This Season,, July 22, 2014)


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