Denver Orthopedic Surgeons Know Exactly What to Do with Elbow Injuries

It appears that Major League Baseball (MLB) pitchers are better off taking things easy after getting ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) surgery, unless they want to jeopardize their game. According to Medical News Today, a team of researchers have discovered that UCL surgeries can decrease a player’s performance if he or she returns to the field too early. The researchers came to this conclusion after reviewing more than a hundred MLB pitchers’ earned run average (ERA), walks and hits per innings pitched (WHIP), and other figures after their surgeries: Continue reading


Even NFL Pros Need Denver Orthopedics to Help them Stay at their Game

Last year, the Denver Broncos suffered an “epidemic” of injuries that cost them many of their best players, like Ryan Clady, Von Miller, and Derek Wolfe. However, the team’s bye week last September brought them much needed hope, as Clady and Miller were on their feet and slowly but surely recovering from their foot injuries. According to the Associated Press, the team still isn’t at their best shape, but they could return to full strength before the season ends:

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How Denver Orthopedic Surgeons Treat Baseball Arm and Hand Injuries

The risk of injury plagues professional baseball players everywhere. If you’re familiar with the hustle and bustle of these athletes’ professional lives, you’ll understand why. Writing for Sports on Earth, Major League Baseball reporter Anthony Castrovince candidly enumerates certain factors that contribute to the sport’s high injury rate: Continue reading