Denver Orthopedic Surgeons: Jones Fracture Diagnosis and Treatment

Kevin Durant’s broken toe bone is the latest injury to rock the basketball world. According to experts, Durant won’t be able to start the upcoming NBA season because of a Jones fracture in his right foot. The Oklahoma Thunder team released an update stating that they are currently considering all options and will provide a timeline for when their basketball superstar will be able to return.

Bodog Basketball has learned via reports from the Oklahoman that Oklahoma City Thunder star and reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant has suffered a foot fracture and could be out anywhere from 6-8 weeks.

The injury, which has been classified as a “Jones” fracture, will, most likely, require surgery.

Thunder general manager Sam Presti made the announcement earlier today; he also stated the team is “collaboratively evaluating the most appropriate next steps with Kevin, his representatives and Thunder medical personnel.”

Breaking down Kevin Durant’s injury

A Jones fracture is an injury suffered by the foot’s fifth metatarsal bone. This particular bone’s location is at the base of the small toe. The injury is named as such because it was first described by British orthopedic surgeon Sir Robert Jones in an article he wrote in 1902 titled “Fractures of the Base of the First Metatarsal Bone by Indirect Violence.”

Kevin Durant suffers Foot Fracture

In case of a Jones fracture

Surgery is one of the treatment options for Jones fracture. If you were to suffer this injury, it is important that the Denver orthopedic surgeon you consult knows the circumstances surrounding your injury. It is also important for the surgeon to know any current medical issues you may be suffering from, as well as any medications you might be taking.


After confirming your medical situation, your doctor will do a careful examination of your foot injury. First, he or she will examine the extent of the injury, along with any related symptoms it may be causing. Your doctor will then evaluate if the blood supply to your foot is normal and if the nerves in that area are working optimally. After evaluating your injury, your doctor will then recommend if surgery is indeed necessary, or if the injury can be treated through nonsurgical means.

Where to get treated

For broken toe bones and other sports-related injuries, trusted Denver orthopedic surgeons at facilities like Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver can provide you with the health care you need to get back to playing your favorite sport at the shortest possible time.

(Source: Kevin Durant suffers foot fracture, Bodog Basketball, Oct. 13, 2014)


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