A Tip from Denver Orthopedic Surgeons: Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

Fitness has become a priority – even an obsession – for many individuals today. Various fad workouts are trending because of this, and some do find genuine success. Experienced Denver orthopedic surgeons observe, however, that some people may be too careless with exercise and push themselves too hard through routines that their body can’t tolerate. These fitness buffs might end up with injuries instead of a fit and healthy body.
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Denver Sports Medicine: 3 Dangerous Mistakes after Football Injuries

In football, you win some, you lose some. When the Denver Broncos went up against the St. Louis Rams last November 16, it was the latter. Some of the Broncos players incurred sidelining injuries to boot. Rich Kurtzman, CBS Denver sports correspondent, recounts some of those injuries in their upsetting loss.
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