Denver Sports Medicine: 3 Dangerous Mistakes after Football Injuries

In football, you win some, you lose some. When the Denver Broncos went up against the St. Louis Rams last November 16, it was the latter. Some of the Broncos players incurred sidelining injuries to boot. Rich Kurtzman, CBS Denver sports correspondent, recounts some of those injuries in their upsetting loss.

Injury Report

Football is a grueling game played on the gridiron. Week after week men put their bodies on the line all for the thrill victory entices them with. Some Sundays are luckier than others for football players, and last week was a somewhat unlucky one for the Denver Broncos’ offense.

First Montee Ball re-injured his right groin which had kept him out of the lineup for five weeks. It was tough to watch Ball, who went back into the game later but hobbled around, unable to move with the agility needed to play running back in the NFL. He was visibly frustrated as he left the field

For Julius Thomas, a bad ankle is troubling the pass-catching star tight end. Thomas was blocked into the backfield on a play last week and Anderson ran up his leg, injuring Thomas’ ankle.

Suffering a football injury that forces you to miss games, like what a number of Broncos experienced this season, can be frustrating, to say the least. Whether you’re playing for the majors or the little local leagues, it is difficult to accept and cope with physical setbacks.

Disappointing injuries may be emotionally taxing, but this shouldn’t breed carelessness on your part, even if you’re a dedicated athlete. Here are three dangerous mistakes after football injuries, why you should avoid them, and how Denver sports medicine specialists can help in preventing them:

Not Getting Enough Rest

Like any ailment, a sports injury requires time to heal, and going back to the field too early could worsen the injury. Your doctor would advise how long you have to rest before going back to training and what you need to do while resting (e.g. your diet, hydration, medications, etc.)

Skipping Physical Therapy Sessions

Although PT sessions may seem boring, missing them could further set back your recovery time. Physical therapy helps you recuperate by gradually retraining your joint movements and preventing stiffness without getting too overworked.

Ignoring Symptoms

When you finally return to training or playing and your bad knee or ankle suddenly acts up, never ignore it or push through an activity that involves the injured part. You could end up with worse or permanent injuries. Established Denver orthopedics centers like Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver can assess your condition, provide quality treatments, and supervise your recovery to get you back in the field fit and ready for action.

(Source: Injury Report: Broncos Likely Without Julius Thomas, Sanders Could Play, CBS Denver, November 22, 2014)


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