A Tip from Denver Orthopedic Surgeons: Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

Fitness has become a priority – even an obsession – for many individuals today. Various fad workouts are trending because of this, and some do find genuine success. Experienced Denver orthopedic surgeons observe, however, that some people may be too careless with exercise and push themselves too hard through routines that their body can’t tolerate. These fitness buffs might end up with injuries instead of a fit and healthy body.

Trainer Talk

Take CrossFit, for instance. Bryce Bowman, trainer and contributor for the Coloradoan, describes its principles and some salient points concerning its value. He also points out that the high-intensity workout is typically intended for highly active people or those who find other simpler trainings insufficient to match their high-performance requirements.

There are many pros and cons to the overall effectiveness and safety of CrossFit. The basis of CrossFit is to obtain optimal fitness on every level: cardiovascular endurance, strength and power, as well as mobility and coordination. For this reason, CrossFit was quickly adopted by military, police and fire, martial artists and other athletes as a way to get into tip-top shape. CrossFit utilizes Olympic lifting, body-weight movements, agility and gymnastic movements, as well as traditional forms of exercise like running and swimming.

Echoing other CrossFit aficionados, Bowman blames bad instructors for the downsides of the workout. Some coaches don’t teach or stress the importance of ideal form to their clients, which puts the clients’ safety at risk.

Overtraining is very common in Crossfit. Olympic lifts and dynamic exercises used in CrossFit use large muscle groups and may incorporate the same muscles several days in a row. Doing forms of pull-ups and squats every day does not allow muscles to recover, therefore overtraining can occur.

Needless to say, intense regimens can only be safe and effective under proper guidance and caution. You have to be familiar and comfortable with the moves before doing them repeatedly, and you have to know your limits by listening to your body. When something doesn’t feel right, you have to stop, rest, and only resume when your body has recuperated.

If you don’t have enough preparations, restraints, and recovery periods, you could end up with accidents or overuse injuries. The former could be something as mild as a muscle strain or something as life-threatening as a spinal fracture. The latter, on the other hand, would develop over time and possibly cause irreversible damage to your musculoskeletal tissues.

A reputable orthopedic surgeon in Denver, like the specialists of Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver, can attend to your condition if any of those scenarios happen. Through a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, you will receive comprehensive care and restore your fitness as much as possible.

(Source: Trainer Talk: Pros and cons to CrossFit, Coloradoan, September 27, 2014)


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