Denver Sports Medicine Practitioners Count the Common MMA Injuries

The risk of injury is always high when it comes to contact or combat sports. For instance, wrestling (along with football) was found to be the most dangerous for high school athletes, according to the Center for Injury Research and Policy. Further, as many as 9 to 10 injuries can happen to college wrestlers in every 1,000 athlete exposures, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association Injury Surveillance System.

Denver Sports Medicine Practitioners Count the Common MMA Injuries

Wrestling injuries may occur during take-downs, collisions, and other contact actions, and they could take place both during training or practice sessions and during the competitions themselves. Sprains in the limbs and muscle strains in other parts of the body (typically the back) are commonly reported. Among the most serious injuries are tears or ruptures of the ligaments and tendons, fractures, and dislocation of the major joints (e.g. the shoulders and knees), and strains on critical body parts like the spine or the neck.

Since wrestling techniques are one of its foundations, the fairly new sport of mixed martial arts or MMA comes with similar threats of injury. The hand-to-hand combat that MMA entails puts amateurs, novices, and elite athletes at risk of physical harm that could sideline these athletes temporarily or even bring them permanent disability. As Denver sports medicine practitioners observe, even an athlete with extensive, careful training can be involved in these unfortunate accidents.

Aside from the head, the wrists and the hands are the most commonly injured body parts in MMA, and they usually result in lacerations and fractures. That’s according to an epidemiology study by researchers from the Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) that used comprehensive electronic data.

An older study in Maryland (published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine in 2006) found that as much as 40% of official MMA matches could end with one of the fighters injured. Higher risks were found in losing competitors who got knocked out during their fight, and in longer bouts (matches that lasted 4 or 5 rounds). Injuries on the face were the most frequently reported followed by wounds or deeper damages to the hands, nose, and eyes.

Experienced Denver orthopedics centers like Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver know that MMA fighters who sustain those common injuries may be frustrated about what happened and are eager to get back to the arena. Doctors, however, tirelessly advise these athletes regarding the need for proper treatment and recovery. The health professionals will also provide quality treatment and rehabilitation for injured athletes so they can safely recuperate and optimally regain their abilities and performance level. 

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