Denver Orthopedic Surgeons Tackle Hip Replacement and Recovery from It

More Americans are getting hip replacement surgery, and the candidates or patients for the procedure are getting younger. In fact, according to a data brief from the National Center for Health Statistics that studied hospital reports from year 2000 to 2010, the surgery’s prevalence increased more than two times (from 138,700 to 310,800). In particular, 205% more Americans aged 45-54 had the procedure done, while 95% more of the 75-year-olds and older underwent the surgery.

Denver Orthopedic Surgeons Tackle Hip Replacement and Recovery from It

The report’s author and other experts believe that the trend can be attributed to the rising cases of osteoarthritis. This degenerative disease occurs because of excessive wear and tear in the joints, including the hips, which is the body’s largest joint connecting the pelvis to the femur (the thighbone). Since more people are engaging in sports and active lifestyles and many of them start young, they are prone to developing osteoarthritis earlier, too.

Hip replacement surgery is still one of the top treatments for osteoarthritis and other types of illness or injury that severely affect the major joint. The procedure has been refined and innovated several times since it was conceived, and more cost-effective materials and techniques have emerged over the decades. These modifications have made the surgery safer for patients and contributed to better treatment outcomes.

Determining the Need for the Surgery

If you have been experiencing pain on your hip or if you’ve been involved in an accident that may have injured the body part, a consultation with established Denver orthopedic surgeons would be a wise idea. They can assess your condition and determine if there’s any severe hip damage or degeneration so they can prescribe the appropriate treatment.

If your condition requires hip replacement surgery, your physician will discuss the details of the procedure. He/she will explain how the procedure works, what materials and medications will be used, what you can expect after it, etc. You may also explore other options if there are less-invasive procedures you can choose that may have less risks and more benefits. Otherwise, you will be advised that total hip replacement would be the best course of treatment.

Getting Familiar with the Aspects of Recovery

An experienced orthopedic surgeon around Denver, such as the physicians from Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver, will also detail the aspects of recovery from hip surgery. He/she will instruct you on any needed activity restrictions, medications, physical therapy, and other rehabilitation guidelines. The physician will work together with your recovery team, so you can go back to your normal routines efficiently. 

(Source: Number of Hip Replacements Has Skyrocketed, U.S. Report Shows, U.S. News & World Report, February 12, 2015)


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