Sports Medicine: Foods that Promote Healing After Your Knee Injury

The human body can do amazing things when properly primed-but injuries can lurk around the corner. Fortunately, after suffering a knee injury, a sports medicine professional in Denver or elsewhere can recommend the right foods that hasten recovery as well as keep you from gaining weight.

When you’re unable to move your leg, it can be difficult to get in enough physical activity to burn the calories you consume. Taking proper care of yourself after orthopedic surgery or treatment for musculoskeletal injury is of utmost importance if you want to get back into the game sooner.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C does more than boost your immunity against viral and bacterial infections. It’s also one of the components responsible for cell growth and regeneration. After orthopedic surgery, this cell generation will begin to rebuild the tissue in the knee more quickly than it would on a diet of junk foods and sugars.


Although zinc isn’t as prevalent in most foods like vitamin C, it can be found in several different kinds of edibles. Meats and fish usually have the highest concentration of this element, but it can also be found in various nuts and legumes. Zinc can also contribute to a speedy recovery after orthopedic surgery by helping the body knit its wounds.


Protein is excessively used in the body from cell creation to tissue repair. This compound can be found in everything from meats to cheese. Many kinds of fish such as salmon are often preferred due to the addition of omega-3 fatty acids for controlling one’s weight. After orthopedic surgery and during physical therapy, it’s important to maintain the ideal level of protein in your diet.

Physical Therapy and Surgery

When you’ve suffered an injury to the knee, orthopedic surgery and therapy may be a necessary part of your recovery. Eating the right foods after the surgery and during physical reconditioning can help rebuild tissue damage on the cellular level. It’s important that you follow your physician’s suggestions to the letter if you want to receive the best outcome.

Colorado has many outdoors activities from skiing down the slopes to biking across the mountains. If you’ve suffered an injury, orthopedics and sports medicine facilities like Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver can be of great help to get you back on your feet. During your recovery, be smart about what you eat and adhere to a diet that is conducive to healing. Your body will do the rest.


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