How Orthopedic Surgeons and Sports Medicine Doctors Treat Ankle Injuries

You could have been hiking, or playing basketball with your team from the office or had a freak injury at home; ankle injuries happen. Whether you have sprained or have broken your ankle, you want your life back. A visit to trusted Denver orthopedic surgeons will help you determine if you have to stay off of your ankle, have surgery, or sports medicine treatment is the fastest and healthiest way to help you recover and get you back into action in the least possible time.

Here are five simple steps to help get you back into action:

Consult a professional

Before assuming that that this injury is a sprain, or a break, consult an orthopedic surgeon or a sports medicine doctor in Denver. This professional most likely will take x-rays to determine if there a fracture. In addition, a torn ligament or other instability in the ankle could mean a surgery and possibly plates or pins.


After initially injuring your ankle, RICE is the normal procedure: Rest, ice, compression and elevation. Until you have your initial appointment and determine what your next course of action is, this will help reduce the serious swelling of both breaks and sprains. Just wrap your injury in a compression bandage, for the initial 48-72 hours. In addition, elevate your ankle, above your heart, by propping up your leg with several pillows, and apply ice on and off every 20 minutes. Until your ankle is examined, it is best you keep your weight off of your ankle.

Keep Cool

In addition to RICE, avoid hot showers, saunas, hot spas, as well as alcoholic beverages. For that first 48 hours, do apply anything warm to your ankle. Heat can cause swelling, and swelling could possibly cause additional pain. If you feel cold, just place a very light blanket over your leg.


Your sports medicine treatment could include a massage to your ankle to encourage blood flow. This could also include instructions on how to massage your ankle at home, as long as this action does not cause any pain.


Your sports medicine treatment may also include gentle exercise, such as riding a stationary bicycle, swimming or yoga poses.


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