Obesity and Orthopedics: Primary Interventions of Orthopedic Surgeons

Recent medical studies confirm that a definite link between obesity and orthopedic surgery exists. The said link reiterates that obese people tend to need orthopedic surgery more often because of the stress that their body weight puts on their joints, muscles, and bones. While they are identifiable candidates for this surgical intervention, many orthopedic surgeons in Denver and elsewhere request that obese patients have an ideal body weight prior to surgery.

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Helpful Exercises to Do After Orthopedic Knee Surgery

After you have had an orthopedic knee surgery to repair damage from an injury or overuse, you will have follow-up appointments to check on your healing, including your knee strength and range of motion. As part of the care provided by your specialist in orthopedics and sports medicine, such as those in Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver, you will participate in physical therapy to help restore the optimal range of movement of your knee. The therapy and other physical activity can help you regain your previous level of physical activity more quickly than you would if you did not do any exercise.

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