When to Schedule a Consultation With an Orthopedic Surgeon

Denver orthopedic surgeons are specialists in their field, focusing on the musculoskeletal system. They offer a wide range of treatment options for various conditions, and this includes everything from a genetic condition such as bow legs in a child to a sports injury and more.


It can be difficult to determine if you need to see an orthopedic surgeon in Denver or if you need to visit with another type of medical professional, such as a physical therapist, for the treatment you need. By focusing on a few important tips, you can make a better decision about when to consult with a specialist.

After You Receive a Referral

In many cases, patients who make an initial appointment with an orthopedic surgeon will receive a referral from a family doctor, a physical therapist or another professional. A referral does not necessarily mean that you will need surgery or that surgery will be recommended as an option. This is simply one type of treatment that the professional may consider, and others include pain management through medication, physical therapy and more. The doctor will determine what the best treatment option for you is.

When You Have Musculoskeletal System Concerns

The musculoskeletal system includes everything from bones and joints to tendons, cartilage, ligaments and more. Some people who have worked with a specialist in the past may know after an injury or through their symptoms that an orthopedic doctor is who they need to so, and they may not go through the process of getting a referral from a family practice doctor.

If you have a doubt about whether to see a specialist or not, keep in mind that you can contact the office to discuss the issue with a nurse. The nurse will provide you with more information about whether a consultation with the doctor would be beneficial to you, and may provide you with pain management tips and care guidance that you can follow while you wait for your appointment time to arrive.

There are instances when seeing a specialist is the best option for your care and well-being. If you have aches, pains or other concerns related to your musculoskeletal system, you may attempt to get a referral for a specialist. You may also call the their office, like Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver, directly to discuss your concerns with a nurse.


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