Body Pains: When Should You See Your Orthopedic Surgeon in Denver?

Everyday stress and strain on the body can take its toll especially if you’re in a line of work that requires you to be active. For instance, repetitive actions like bending to lift heavy objects or running back and forth can increase your risk developing injuries. While sometimes, bodily aches and pains often don’t lead to something serious, there are cases when it is actually an indication of a bigger issue involving that particular part of your body. This is the time when you may need to see one of the Denver orthopedic surgeons to have your body looked at and possibly treated.

body pains

Here are some instances where you may need to schedule an appointment with your doctor:

Hip Dysplasia

A hip dysplasia injury occurs when there is some instability in one’s hip joint area. At the same time, it can also be a condition where the hip joint is loose, causing one’s ball joint in the hip to no longer connect to the socket, thereby developing a partial dislocation. Moreover, this condition not only affects active adults. In fact, babies and young children may also develop hip dysplasia after their birth.

Spine Issues

There are a number of serious health problems that involved the spine. These include lumbar disk disease, scoliosis, arthritis of the spine and others. Moreover, these problems may not be easily detected as its symptoms may manifest themselves gradually over time. To be sure, better have yourself checked by a doctor right away if you are are feeling anything unusual in your back.

On the other hand, pain in the lower back is reportedly the most common complaint received from adults in the U.S. regarding the spine. These can be caused by an injury or strain. Other times, it can also be an indication of osteoporosis or arthritis.

Back pain may be treated using physical therapy, medication and epidural steroid blocks. However, when pain in the lower back is severe, it may be time to see an orthopedic surgeon in Denver right away. They may also be able to advise you how to avoid developing these conditions in the future.

There are times when body pains don’t just reflect fatigue or muscle strain. Do yourself a favor and have them checked by a medical professional to avoid developing any serious long-term problems.


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