3 Reasons for Elbow Surgery

Your elbows are probably a joint that you never think about, thanks to their relatively simple function. However, there can be a creeping pain that will make you notice the joint and start to worry about what is going on. Elbow surgery is a definite possibility for chronic pain, and here are three reasons why.

3 Reasons for Elbow Surgery

  1. Tennis Elbow

This is the most common sports-related injury that occurs in the elbow. The three different bones that make up the elbow can undergo a lot of stress throughout life before being worn down. However, certain motions can exacerbate this stress, especially if that motion is repetitive.

The name of tennis elbow comes from its common occurrence among tennis players, due to the jerking striking motions that the players have to make. However, other motions that involve the elbow such as hammering can cause the same problem. It is common among painters and construction workers as well.

Elbow surgery will be necessary for this problem if it becomes chronic to the point that damage is permanent. Before resorting to surgery, your doctor will probably have you try out physical therapy or reduced activities to help the joint heal.

  1. Improper Posture

Office workers are particularly familiar with elbow pain, especially dull stinging pain that radiates from the joint. It is seemingly unexplainable, but has almost entirely to do with improper posture in the workplace. In fact, this type of injury is associated with carpal tunnel, another injury that is involved with office work and posture problems.

The injury itself is caused by leaning on your elbow while sitting at work. If you find yourself cradling your head in your hand while staring at the screen, you are probably supporting your arm with your elbow on your desk. Doing this for extended periods of time throughout the year eventually damages the joint itself.

Eventually the pain that is associated can become chronic and the damage permanent, which means you will need to get elbow surgery.

  1. Broken Bones

Breaking your arm is an injury that requires immediate care from a doctor. While recovery takes time for the most part, it does require some input from you as well. That means following instructions from your physical therapist and sticking to your recovery plan.
However, despite your work with physical therapy, you are still at risk of complications associated with your prior injury. The elbow is the most at risk because it can become damaged while you are still in recovery. That is due to the fact that the injury will cause you to develop habits like improper movements or posture.

There are many reasons that could require elbow surgery. While injury from improper use is most common, sometimes other factors such as arthritis or osteoporosis, two things you have no control over, can damage the joint to the point that you need surgery. Consult your doctor for a plan on how to deal with the pain, and for advise on when surgery is a necessity to fully heal from the ailment.


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